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Transform Your Hope Home with Our Renovation & Repair Services

Your home is likely the place you go to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Barclay Fletcher Contracting Ltd is here to help you transform your property into your own personal sanctuary. We offer contracting and carpentry services for renovation projects in Hope and surrounding areas.

Renovation Services


Whether you’re looking for an open concept kitchen to make your home feel larger or upgrading your bathroom to have a spa-like feel, our job is to help you revamp your property so you can be one step closer to your dream home. As a result, we offer complete renovation services to incorporate your taste and personality throughout your home. Some of the work we do include:

Building raising

Retrofitting/repairing of foundations

Basement repairs/building

Additions of bathrooms

Remodeling/upgrading of bathrooms

Kitchen remodeling/renovating/upgrading

Installation of heated flooring

Window and door installations

Building and repairs of decks, paths, and patios


Thinking of renovating your home? Contact Barclay Fletcher Contracting Ltd to hire a contractor.

Free Estimates


Receive a free estimate before we start the work.

New Homes


A house built just for you and your family.

New Shops


A shop that reflects your brand and identity.

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